How to prepare materials for kitchen design?

Kitchen design with 3D visualization will be developed so that it can be used for the production of kitchen cabinets. We will process your documents even if you send them by email and hand drawn. You can edit each design twice.

We need wall dimensions to create a kitchen design where to place the kitchen. Measure the length of the walls from the corner. Record doors and windows if they are within or adjacent to the kitchen. The window must also specify the location of the window from the floor. If you have project documentation for a new building, just send the floor plan of the kitchen. You can draw in which space you plan to place the kitchen cabinets. Record the location of the appliances in our inquiry form.

It is important to place the kitchen in connection with the installation of water, waste and electrical installation.

Are you doing a renovation or a new building?

For a new building is good to plan the location of the kitchen well in advance. Water bases and other installations are already in place in the foundations of the construction. It is a pity in a new house after construction to dig up walls and floor :( . In our design you will receive the recommended location of installations with measures.

When renovating housing, we need to know whether the wiring of the installation will be done after the design of the kitchen, or the kitchen must adapt to the existing location. Can you measure the rectangular corner at the kitchen walls? There are light switches at the door - the entrance to the kitchen. Place the cabinets with sufficient distance.

There are often obstacles in the kitchen that we must respect. They are mainly windows, heating and chimneys. When planning the kitchen we consider how the cabinets will open. Will there be enough room for this? Tubes are brought to the radiator. Will they cross the kitchen? If the worktop is placed above the radiator, we must plan the correct height of the kitchen. In order for the heater to work properly, we take care of the air flow through the radiator. Air inlet and warm air outlet, eg grille in the worktop. Underfloor heating must be dealt with when placing an island. Kitchen cabinets should be anchored to the ground. Therefore, it is good to omit underfloor heating under the island.

Chimneys can sometimes be used to remove vapors from the hood. Mostly they are in the corner of the room, but they are protruding into the kitchen. Will we put hanging cabinets on the chimney?

After receiving the documents we will start processing them. In case of missing data, we will ask you to add it. Only after we have all the necessary data available do we start working on the kitchen design. Within 4 working days you will receive a processed 3D kitchen design including dimensions and location of the installation. You can then request FREE design changes two more times.

We are looking forward to collaborate with you

Team 3D design online

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